Personalized Bar Coded Form Has Changed!

We are pleased to present our new Online Claims Entry Application as a replacement to the Personalized Bar Coded Claim Form. Here are the changes:

Highlights Personalized Bar Coded
Claim Form
Claims Entry
Requires login to accessYesYes
Pre-populated employee informationYesYes
Pre-populated dependent informationYesYes
Download html form for ongoing use without logging inYesNo
Form Completion
Enter multiple claimants on single formNoYes
Enter health & dependent day care expenses on single formNoYes
Fill in individual claim expense detailYesYes
Interactive error checkingNoYes
Save provider info for reuseNoYes
Save procedure codes for reuseNoYes
Save Partial entry for completing laterYesYes
Submit by Fax - Prepared for Processing2 Days approx.Instantaneous
Submit by Mail - Prepared for Processing2-5 Days approx.2-5 Days approx.
Submit by Upload (Receipt images) - Prepared for ProcessingNot AvailableInstantaneous
Updates & History
Submitted Claims - FaxFastFastest
Online archive & access receipt imagesNoYes
Email Confirmation of submissionPartialComplete
Email confirmation of processing (denials & approvals)YesYes