Pop-up Blockers

The "Pop-Up Blocker" is a feature that blocks or prevents "pop-up" advertisements from appearing while accessing the Internet.

MyEnroll.com uses "pop-up" messages to convey pertinent plan information and enrollment instructions important for completing the election process and does not contain any advertisements or unrelated information. In order to access certain information on MyEnroll.com, you MUST turn off your browser's "Pop-Up" Blocker setting on your Internet Browser. 

If you are using:

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Mozilla FireFox

If you encounter problems in accessing MyEnroll.com pages, please follow the easy steps below to turn off your "Pop-Up Blocker" setting. For further assistance, call the MyEnroll.com customer service center at 1-800-945-5513 or send an e-mail to info@BASusa.com